Sephaku Cement Co-Funds Concrete Promoting Industry Body

South Africa’s forthcoming entrant into the cement market, Sephaku Cement, has concretised support for pragmatic skills development in the industry by co-funding a new organisation that will drive concrete-related training and accreditation. The new industry body replaces the C&CI that closed its doors on withdrawal of support from a key funder earlier this year.

“What is important about the body is that it is a central, independent organisation,” says Sephaku Cement CEO, Pieter Fourie. “We believe in the pivotal role of this industry body which, by virtue of the services that it offers, is a necessity. Training, acceditation and the promotion of concrete as a building material of choice is non-negotiable for our industry to keep improving on the quality of work being done in infrastructure development, both in residential and industrial spheres,” he says.

Fourie notes that the focus of the new organisation, which began operating in May 2013 will include expansion of industry participation. “Concrete is often ‘common ground’ across different industries. Because of this, participation by sectors such as construction and manufacturing is important to heighten the value that the industry body can generate,” concluded Fourie.