Our Plants

We aim to give customers the best value from their cement through our value-driven approach. Pushing to maximise value through product testing and special mix design support that is provided by a technical laboratory at every plant.

Our operational processes begin at our clinker facility, Aganang in Lichtenburg. Approximately half of the clinker produced is transported to the Delmas milling plant, making the process cost-effective because clinker, rather than cement, is transported. This approach also enables beneficial raw material return loads to Lichtenburg.

Our fly ash beneficiation plant at the Kendal Power Station, Emalahleni, further bolsters economies of scale.



  • The South African Cement Industry’s most Powerful New Entrant
  • Situated in the Northwest province
  • Spanning 65 Hectares
  • Capable of producing 1.9 million tons of clinker
  • Produces approx. 1.2 million tons of cement
  • Plant Storage Capacity
    • Semi – finished goods 50 000 tons
    • Final product 22 000 tons bulk and 20 000 tons bag
    • Under cover bag storage of 15 000 tons
  • Raw material storage
    • Limestone 100 000 tons
    • Additives 50 000 tons
    • Coal 30 000 tons



  • Sephaku Cement’s milling plant situated in Mpumalanga
  • Produces approx. 1.4 million tons of cement per annum
  • Spans 36.9 Hectares
  • Plant Storage Capacity:
    • Semi-finished goods 30 000 tons
    • Final product 22 000 tons bulk and 20 000 tons bag
    • Under Cover bag storage of 15 000 tons

Sephaku Ash


  • Situated at Eskom’s Kendal Power Station
  • Located 35km from Delmas
  • Produces approx. 1.3 million tons of ash annually
  • Minimal environmental impact
  • SABS Certified