With an endless variety of colours, designs and finishes, utilising water based stains to enhance decorative concrete features have further reaching advantages than that which meets the eye. With the promise of low odour, reduced or no volatile organic compounds (VOC’s), a user-friendly application and a simple clean up once applied, benefits to making use of water based stains advantage both the contractor, the client as well as the environment.

To follow, see why Sephaku Cement recommends making use of water-based concrete stains and the benefits to this method of decorative concrete staining.

  • With a striking aesthetic appeal, the finished look to water-based concrete stains is the more obvious benefit for selecting water based concrete staining when enhancing concrete installations. With an abundance of colours and finishes to choose from – marble to mottle or a wood grained stain, pigmented in muted tones of stone, rust or sandalwood alternative options such as applying a more pronounced stain in moss green or azure blue is equally available in water based stains. Whichever finish you opt to select, water based concrete staining leaves little to the imagination by way of colour selection and finish.
  • With little to no VOC’s present, water based concrete stains provide a far lower environmental impact application. Made up of organic chemicals characterised by a high vapour pressure, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) see a large volume of molecules (with a lower boiling point) evaporate which can have a long term toxic effect on the atmosphere, the immediate environment as well as those in close proximity to the area in which high VOC’s are applied. Making use of water based concrete stain applications minimises exposure (by contractors and their clients) to VOC’s resulting in a more environmentally friendly and healthier decorative concrete installation.
  • Cleaning up after water based concrete stain application is a synch compared to acid based or other pigmentation methods. Prior to sealing recently stained concrete, when pigmented with an acid application a very specific and detailed process must be followed not only to ensure no residue of the acid stain remains on the concrete as well as the appropriate disposal of acid stain waste. When staining concrete installations with water based products, clean-up is effortless and speedier to complete.
  • Another benefit to making use of water based concrete stains is the promise of a longer lasting colour and quality. When using water based stains for decorative concrete installations, because the product takes longer to evaporate (unlike acid stains and the high volume of VOC’s) the stain has a longer time to sit on the concrete leaving a longer lasting mark and more intense hue. As a result of a deeper colour, water based stained concrete maintains its colour for longer and with minimal discolouration, colour characteristics won’t fade or radically change as a result of exposure to harsh UV rays.

As awareness to environmental risks and concerns continue to raise alarm bells, a growing number of homeowners and businesses (and contractors) opt for a greener or environmentally conscious method to construction, renovations, installations and decorative concrete applications. Where water based staining offers an equally if not more aesthetic appeal to decorative concrete, many are finding more reasons to opt for water based staining techniques compared to others.