As we look back on yet another year of architectural excellence and the incorporation of cement mix blends in some of the most pioneering interior décor designs, Sephaku Cement explores the benefits of fitting concrete countertops. Versatile, affordable and today an artistic statement piece that can be fitted almost anywhere in your home or place of business, concrete sees the installation of the most durable interior décor to take centre stage on leading home design and architectural vision boards.

With its heritage steeped in a history of Melamine and Formica, household countertops have evolved from artificial, manmade fittings to (more costly) marble, granite and granite copycats, slate, tile and even beam wood installations. With a colourful journey in tow, interior decor specialists and next-generation architects are today incorporating the seamless installation and somewhat of an extension to the blueprint, innovative, elegant and versatile concrete countertops.

Whether browsing through some of South Africa’s most mainstream design publications in print or touring through the homes of the affluent and influential, prepare to discover a new world of concrete design and innovation that’s taking place next level to some of the more traditional and old school counter top fittings. Showing off a resume of various benefits and features Sephaku Cement highlights various benefits to fitting concrete countertops, why we love them and why you should too!

  • Cost Effectiveness
    Pre-cast or made to fit, cement based fittings offer some of the most cost effective solutions to even the thriftiest interior decor or domestic remodelling projects. Readily available and accessible to the full scope of construction, building and interior design service providers; there is no shortage of stock and product variants in the Portland Cement market. Available in a variety of blends that each offer different characteristics, from early strength to cost efficiencies, varying durability and some with different water volume requirements, concrete offers an ideal answer to the cost component to installing new countertops
  • DurabilityKnown for its lasting strength, durability and steadfast installation, concrete countertops can carry the load of even the most demanding kitchen, bathroom and desktop demands. Where today we see centuries built by concrete, there are not many other materials that can compete with the strength and long lasting performance that cement offers.
  • Design, Texture and Finish
    Ranging from colour to texture, finish, polish, decals, inlays, etching, stamping and so much more, never underestimate the versatility and variety that concrete fittings can offer. Whether you are remodelling or building from scratch, the design of concrete countertops should be factored at the onset of your build ensuring that the best theme and match is made to enhance aesthetics of the end result.
  • Versatility
    Made to fit, seamlessly incorporated in to the construct of the architecture, or free standing, concrete countertops offer a versatile solution to kitchens, bathrooms or even home office spaces. Available in a variety of shapes and sizes, from contemporary to classic, carved, curved or angular, concrete caters to an abundance of decor desires. What’s more, concrete fittings don’t just create for staggering focal features and aesthetics, but based on the design and the incorporation of innovative fittings, lighting and fixtures, concrete installations can be moulded to fit around almost all next generation technology offering state-or-the-art features.

Responsible for increasing the over value of almost every property that it’s fitted in, cement based countertops showcase immeasurable benefits and features, built to last a lifetime!