Backed by Africa’s largest cement producer, Sephaku Cement, powered by Dangote Cement offers quality assurance, strength and lasting durability when building your ideal concrete home. From foundations to masonry, mortar, plaster and screed applications Sephaku Cement offers a superior quality cement range, fully compliant with strength requirements in their respective class in accordance with the South African National Standard SANS 50197-1:2013.

Making use of cement to erect your ideal concrete home would be the obvious construction material or choice given its strength, durability and affordability. And, where many home owners are now invested in converting their homes into green star graded buildings, reducing their carbon footprint and positively contributing to environmentally conscious living, Sephaku 32 offers a reduced Co2 footprint which attributes to “Green Building” initiatives.

From general purpose, to early strength and for more specific construction applications, while contractors make use of Sephaku Cement in the structural build of your ideal home, concrete has begun to feature in interior accents of décor and design planning too. Where some of the country’s most esteemed interior designers, space planners and home décor specialists are now incorporating the use of concrete in interior features and centrepieces; concrete now features as an architectural oeuvre in South Africa’s most affluent homes.

Concrete Surfaces, Countertops and Work Stations

Consistent predictable and suited to a variety of general purpose applications, Sephaku 32 and Sephaku 42 is every sensible contractors product of choice when incorporating concrete installations, highlights and focal features in the interior of your ideal home. When utilised as a cement paste without incorporating any sand or aggregate the concrete will take on a glossy polished finish and makes for stunning reflective concrete surfaces, worktops, and counters.

Pigmented Concrete and Polished Floors

Polished, stained and sealed, concrete flooring options offer a variety of finishes that can be carved, stamped or pigmented. Offering homes a one of a kind, durable and lasting flooring solution, for an elegant marbled or mottled effect, concrete pigments take centre stage in the latest flooring trends. Alternatively, polished concrete floors offer a gorgeous granite look-a-like with a variety of finished effects depending on how deep the polish is buffed into the various layers of concrete.

Sculptures, Art Forms and Concrete Features

Pliable, easy to pour and a concrete artist’s dream material, concrete can take on almost any and every form imaginable. From sharp angular lines to voluptuous curves and bevelled edging and boarders, cement is put to good use when cast by moulds or sculpted using ceramic carving techniques. Various designs result in an array of artworks in your concrete home. From feature walls, to striking entrance hall décor, contemporary or classic stair cases, sculptures or centrepieces, each adding to the aesthetics of your ideal concrete home. 

Outdoor Entertainment and Garden Landscaping

Limited only by your imagination, concrete is responsible for some of the most classic or modern and contemporary outdoor entertainment areas and garden landscaping designs.  Versatile, durable and hardwearing, concrete is forgiving in heat, humidity, heavy rainfall and cold weather conditions. Thought to be cold, scant and drab, on the contrary outdoor concrete installations result in some of the most hospitable and attractive exteriors, including contemporary concrete fire pits and circles, patios, built to fit braais and barbeques, poolside paving and garden landscaping features.

Sephaku Cement offers a resourceful range of cement options each ideally suited to various builds and construction projects. While versatile and adaptable to suite a number of contracted or DIY cement uses, a constant characteristic attributed to Sephaku Cement is its lasting quality, fast, strong and confident DNA, affordability and sound after sales support.