Tis the season to get gifting and what better way to do so on a tight budget than by making your own Sephaku Cement homemade concrete Christmas Gifts and décor! Incorporated with high-grade cement extenders Sephaku 32 is versatile, consistent and a cost effective general purpose cement. Perfectly suited to your Festive Season DIY gifting and home improvement projects, Sephaku 32 offers a normal strength blended cement based product that requires less water to produce a cohesive, easy to work with mix.

Thinking outside of the box when it comes to unique concrete gifting and one of a kind festive season home decor ideas, let’s take our DIY gifting beyond the typical concrete planters and candle holders and get a little more creative.

Geometric Jewellery Boxes, Cute Concrete Caskets and Boxes

Using any shape, size and dimension to mould your concrete vessel, as long as it’s easy enough to remove once the concrete is set and sturdy enough to maintain its shape while the concrete is curing; single use plastic containers, tubs and baskets are recycled to create gorgeous gifting trinkets made to be marvelled at for a lifetime. Once cured depending on the desired finish, your concrete container can be gently sanded to smooth out rough surfaces and detailed with a metallic stencil or muted tones in pastel paints to add dimension to the design.

Concrete coasters branded by Natures Design

Using shells, dried leaves, textured bark or even different shaped pebbles, transform tedious concrete coasters by branding them with nature’s most gorgeous stamps. Splashed over with gold leaf paints, rusty coppers or a striking silver wash, a gift best given as six or eight, make one of a kind unique designs to be admired with every sip.

Concrete Christmas Cone

This décor concept is essentially wool that has been dipped in mixed cement, wrapped around a cone shape that will later reveal a Christmas tree concrete creation. Begin by covering a cardboard cone in cling wrap (snug fitted plastic) and prepare the wool (yarn) by steeping it in water and wringing it out. Mix Sephaku 32 with the correct water ratios as indicated on the product packaging but for best results let the mix be a little more fluid than the typical slump. Soak a continuous strand of wool in the cement mix making sure that the wool absorbs as much cement as possible before winding the wool around the plastic covered cone. Once an adequate amount of overlapping strands of wool are covering the cone, clip excess wool away, tucking the end underneath the cone mould. If too much concrete has absorbed into the wool, using a small paintbrush smooth over more cement to create a more uniform finish. Once the cement wool strands have cured, carefully remove the card cone and finish the look with a spray of glistening spray paint for a more festive feel.

Regardless of your concrete gifting concept, be sure to make use of only the best quality cement available. Influencing the workability, strength, curing time and overall finish the better the quality the more consistent the finish and quality of your DIY Concrete Christmas Gift.

Where each bag is sealed with the Sephaku stamp of approval, Sephaku Cement products assure fit for use compliance, leading standards certification and controlled performance and quality. Whether making use of Sephaku Cement for general purpose home DIY use or in more specialised construction, alongside its lasting durability and strength, quality is never a compromise!