While many of us venture no further than the couch in colder seasons, winter presents some of the most optimal conditions to get your garden summer ready with the help of Sephaku Cement’s concrete garden bench ideas. With outdoor entertaining kept to a minimum you can be sure that no one will notice the flux or be bothered by your concrete constructions or renovations. Winter in fact offers prime time to landscape and is a contractors more busy season to assist with remodelling, distinguishing and designing your dream garden furniture and features and outdoor entrainment areas.

In this instalment we share more on quaint concrete garden benches, contemporary outdoor areas and zen garden retreats.

Ideally purposed to outdoor applications, Sephaku 32 and 42 offer strength versatility and affordability when landscaping outdoor concrete pause areas. From standalone benches to picnic table and chairs, both of these Sephaku products offer superior quality, expert handling and lasting durability. Whether you are planning your outdoor area project as a DIY installation or outsourcing to your preferred contractor, be sure to use only Sephaku Cement sealed with the Sephaku stamp of quality assurance and guaranteed performance.

  • Contemporary Concrete Bench
    Blending well with modern and minimalist themes as well as Japanese zen, contemporary chic or industrial themed décor, the contemporary concrete bench is an angular standalone garden feature so simple by design it exudes elegance and sophistication. The simplest design to cast and mould, with straight lines and angular legs, a square or more commonly cast rectangular shape offers great versatility should you later wish to adjust your theme of your landscaping.
  • English Garden Round Table
    Soft, classic, and antiquated, a garden (gnome) round table and concrete bench set creates an idyllic escape set amidst an old English rose garden or fairy flower bed. The perfect fitting for a country courtyard look often etched in decal and accompanied by a curved base, a concrete round table is somewhat trickier to mould when doing so as a DIY installation however, provided you can create your desired casting shape, the perfect results are still completely achievable. 
  • Delightful Concrete Domes
    Simple sturdy and double backing as a perch to sit or décor to delight in, clustering concrete domes at random or arranged around a table offers a unique spin on outdoor seating options. Much like little Miss Muffat and her rounded tuffet, ball benches are seeing a new wave of garden seating wash over outdoor landscaping designs.   
  • Square Stacks
    Minimalist, contemporary and extremely elegant, imagine square concrete slabs of varying sizes and perhaps pigmented in different shades of grey, slate and kohl, stacked in an opposed arrangement to form an asymmetrical block bench. Simple, chic and certainly a topic of much discussion, what a gorgeous way to add a modern design to your high fashion outdoor décor.
  • A Blend of Both
    In a juxtaposition of both angular and rounded forms, blending round with square creates a contemporary balance of the best of both. Perched on a base of two rounded balls, a stack-like slab makes for a modern concrete bench-come-art-form that not only fulfils its function but will intrigue seated guests with its outlandish design.

Whether you hope to create a tranquil simplistic pause area to reflect and mediate at, or rather looking to accomplish a picturesque English tea garden to picnic at, pull off your perfect outdoor pause area and bench set with your favourite Sephaku Cement mix.