With our concrete creative appetites wet following former Sephaku blog posts showcasing concrete Christmas gifts and Concrete Décor ideas, Sephaku Cement continues to explore endless DIY gift ideas made from concrete. With a little help from Sephaku 32, mixed with 2 parts sand to 1 part cement and just a little less than 1 part water to blend the ideal DIY concrete mortar mix, let the creativity flow!

While we already know how to make concrete planters, tripod tables, cubes and even checkers boards, as we explore more creative but equally as simple designs, to follow see a few of our favourite concrete gift ideas.

Using a cost effective bag of Sephaku Cement (Sephaku 32 or Sephaku 42) available at your leading home depot’s and builders outlets, measure mix and pour/mould your way to hand crafted concrete gifts.

  • Marbled Concrete DesignsUsing any design desired, DIY Marbled Mortar/Concrete offers a stunning spin on your concrete gift’s finish. To DIY dye marbled concrete, simply mix up your base cement mix, blending the dry ingredients first and adding water measurements slowly, so as not to add too much water. When your wet cement mix resembles thick yoghurt, remove a small amount (the volume to be dyed) of mortar mix into a separate container. Add the pigment dye to the smaller quantity of the separated mortar mix and blend well. For lighter tones only add a small amount of pigment and for deeper hues and a more striking marbled appearance add more pigment. Once the pigmented mortar mix is blended well, reintroduce it to the base mix and slowly combine the two coloured mixes together, taking care not to blend the mix too well or the marbled effect will be lost. Once satisfied with the marbled swirls in your mortar mix pour into desired moulds and allow curing for at least 24 hours or longer if possible.
  • Concrete Ring ConesPossibly the simplest design we’ve ever made, concrete ring cones offer a modern spin on jewellery keepsakes and make for the sweetest gift for young and old! Offering a more weighty solution to other ceramic and clay materials, using your basic cement mortar mix, simply pour your mortar mix into a cone shape of cardboard and allow curing for 24 hours. Once set, remove the card cone mould and smooth out any barbs with fine sandpaper. Add character by dipping the tip of the cone into different coloured pastel paints or even add a little gold leaf for a glamourous shimmer!
  • Antique Wall ArtEqually as easy to create, using a discarded plastic or cardboard tray (A5 or even A4 depending on how large you want the design to be), pour concrete mortar mix into the tray and allow for a few hours of curing to take place. Before the cement has completely cured, using an old piece for costume jewellery, gently press the piece into the semi-cured still softish mortar creating a “fossilized” look allowing the costume jewellery to slightly sink into the cement tray. Instead of costume jewellery other semi submerged items that create beautiful wall hanging art include sentimental shells collected on your last beach vacation, smoothed pebbles, gemstones, pressed flowers and dried leaves or even sentimental keepsakes such as a baby’s rattle or favourite toy, or even Lego designs, action figures or marbles for a fun kids bedroom motif.