With a number of concrete ideas for home improvement projects, let your interior décor vision boards come to life with the help of Sephaku Cement. As we become entrenched in the New Year the prospects for home improvements, remodelling and renovations become clearer as budgets are renewed and your threshold for construction inconvenience is restored.

Attributed to its strength, affordability and heavy-duty durability, what was once reserved for industrial or civil engineering and factory fittings, today concrete installations and décor applications have made their way into the hearts and onto project plans of interior designers and home improvement specialists. Easy to work with, versatile by way of colour, finish and form and accessible to even the most rigid budget, cement based home improvement projects offer much to be desired. Not only by way of its load bearing strength and undeniable affordability but incorporating concrete focal points and fully functioning features brings a simplistic and unforced sophistication into any home.

The Look

Combined with organic and untreated materials such as wood, natural stone and other naturally occurring matter (crushed shells, quartz and gems or marble etc.); concrete creates a minimalist and tranquil ambiance that translates into an unperturbed and effortless elegance. On the contrary shaped by sharp angles, pounced lines and strong, bold fixtures, contemporary concrete interior design boasts an avant-garde industrial décor trend found in sun-flooded lofts or open plan studios.


From concrete floors to kitchen countertops, bathroom vanities and fireplace fittings find our favourite concrete décor ideas for every home improvement project, resulting in some of the most modern minimalist interiors.

  • Concrete Kitchen Tops
    Installed as one seamless pouring process, concrete counter tops can take shape around just about any angle or curve and can even be installed to a kitchen where the concrete countertop and kitchen basin are fitted as a single unit. Stained, stamped or etched with elegant designs, concrete countertops can also lend its hand to creating a striking focal point to any kitchen. Concrete countertops are also not limited to applications limited within the kitchen but can be incorporated into bars and pubs, outside entertainment areas, dining room table tops, coffee tables and any workspace surface imaginable.
  • Concrete Fireplace Fittings
    Offering a welcomed design alternative to the typical brick cladded or cobble stone fireplace, creating a prominent centre piece to a lounge remodelling project, concrete fireplace fittings are not only aesthetically appealing but fulfil the ideal function. Wonderfully fire-resistant and naturally retains its heat, cement based fire places can be installed as a pre-cast option or made to fit, stained, embellished and even stamped to with brick or cobbled cladding offering an affordable lookalike to more authentic and costly fittings.
  • Concrete Bathrooms
    From concrete floors to feature walls, shower surfaces, bathtubs, basin and vanities, with its innate love of water, concrete bathrooms are far from cold and clinical. Think Japanese splash spas, or seamless floor to wall bathtubs and basins. Polished, stained, or detailed to reflect your desired theme, concrete offers the ideal function and form for an every day beautiful bathroom!