Equally suitable for general purpose applications Sephaku 42 – 42.5N Strength Class Portland Cement provides good early and late strength curing, ideal for concrete sidewalks, concrete walkways and concrete garden edging. Offering superior quality and consistency Sephaku 42 provides for all round performance and durability, perfectly suited to ‘home’ concrete projects. As the weather gets us outside and into the garden, nothing finishes an outdoor landscaping layout quite like concrete garden edging or a quaint concrete walkway meandering through your perfectly manicured garden. Not only offering aesthetic appeal inside of your property, concrete sidewalks also make for an attractive and maintained appearance outside of your property’s boundary.

Whether placed to provide for additional guest parking or simply as a safe and convenient causeway for pedestrians, concrete sidewalks and pavements contribute to the visual refinement of your homes exterior too.

With a variety of options to install concrete walkways, boundary pavements and garden edging, exterior landscapers will weigh up a number of factors and assist you in selecting the ideal option suited to your project. Where options include either making use of concrete pavers available in an assortment of designs, colours and finishes, or alternatively making use of concrete slabs or even pouring concrete that can be stamped, or later be etched, stained and engraved, based on budgets and the scope of the project, there are various concrete solutions available to the market.

So why select concrete as your product of choice when placing concrete paving, garden walkways, and concrete sidewalks or as garden edging in your home? To follow, see a number of benefits to making use of cement based products when beautifying your homes exterior landscaping.

  • Easy to maintain
    From cleaning to durability, concrete paving and concrete walkway installations are built to last a lifetime. Easy to repair should blemishes appear over time, concrete sidewalks and concrete garden edging can remain in place for years to come with very little maintenance and upkeep required.
  • Defining foot traffic
    Hard to ignore, concrete garden walkways and sidewalks demarcate where foot traffic should follow. Guiding visitors and pedestrians on a desired path, these will help to preserve surrounding areas that one would prefer not to be parked on of damaged under busy foot traffic.
  • Easy on the pocket
    Considered one of the most commonly used materials in construction, landscaping and home improvement projects, concrete and cement based paving products are readily available and accessible on even the most thrifty budget. Not only sparing on immediate budgets but given its durability and strength, concrete installations will last an age, costing very little to maintain and repair should it weather over time.
  • Available in a wide variety
    From various colour stains and pigmentations, to design, placement and decal, concrete based installations are available in a broad range of options that can be matched to an existing theme or colour scheme or alternatively custom designed to create a one of a kind finish.
  • Versatility
    No matter the season or reason, concrete walkways and sidewalks innately finish off the look of any home improvement project and service a variety of functions. From parking to channelling foot traffic or simply offering an aesthetic appeal these concrete and cement based installations offer versatility, durability and a visual appeal that beautify your home regardless of their purpose.

Passionate about our brand, Sephaku Cement is committed to evolving the cement industry through innovative solutions and a superior range of cementitious products. Find out which of our products is a perfect fit for your home improvement project and how Sephaku Cement can concrete your DIY dreams into a reality.