Durable hard wearing and an obvious choice to make use of as a decorative flooring feature in your home or workplace, concrete flooring  offers  property owners with a versatile and affordable flooring solution.

Where many may opt to invest great expense in fitting ornamental flooring features, decorative concrete flooring provides a professional and trendy appeal easily achieved and at a price tag that is accessible to most budgets.

Decorative concrete flooring takes its shape around the latest interior decor trends available in a variety of themes, finishes, colours and one of a kind customs designs. What’s more is that these concrete floors can be installed to create a broad range of surfaces and finishes, depending on its placement and purpose. Where different compound mixtures result in varied surface textures, concrete specialists and contracted interior design architects are equipped at recommending the ideal proportions of texture to create admirable decorative results while fulfilling a serviceable function.

With a number of advantages to installing decorative concrete flooring versus other embellished flooring solutions, Sephaku Cement unpacks the various Pros to concrete floors and how to select the best of decorative concrete designs.

  • Compared to natural stones, slate, granite or marble flooring options, installing concrete floors is done so at a seemingly more affordable cost. From materials to labour, technique and specialist skills, decorative concrete floors produce visually appealing results at a fraction of the cost when stacked up against alternative flooring options.
  • Not nearly as labour intensive as other flooring solutions such as wood laminate and vinyl options, which goes on to concrete floor anyway, tiling, stonework, carpeting resin and brickwork, decorative concrete flooring is simple to install, easy to stain and to finish by applying a sealant.
  • Resulting in a one of a kind custom design, decorative concrete floors create a unique look that cannot be replicated even by the most talented concrete specialist. Colour stains and pigmented concrete floors create a mottled and marbled effect in any colour that you can imagine. Once sealed and cleaned with appropriate products and annually maintained with basic care, stained concrete floors won’t fade, peel chip or wear away regardless of foot traffic. Polished concrete flooring creates an equally aesthetically appeal whereby depending on the depth of the polish will result in varied looks. From simply a smooth glossy finish to a salt and pepper appearance of the first layer of aggregate, polished floors can be taken all the way down to create an exposed aggregate finish resulting in a decorative marbled look.When applied to vertical surfaces, decorative concrete holds well and allows for various designs and imprints to be cast as delicate features and decals. Where some install decorative walling as a continuum to flooring, others may imprint decorative skirtings’ and bevelled corners to finish the floors look.

When making use of the finest quality cement products and only a reputable concrete contractor, the Sephaku Cement range of products offers lasting strength and durability catering to even the toughest flooring requirements. Indoor or outdoor, load bearing or basic home foot traffic, Sephaku Cement fully complies with the South African National Standard SANS 50197-1:2013 for the various strength classes that each product fits in to.