Offering state-of-the-art engineering and the latest in fabrication techniques, unique design ideas for concrete bath tubs creates for exclusively themed bathrooms for every remodelling project. Where the bathtub makes for the centrepiece to any bathroom, choosing the best concrete tub design idea to suit the theme of your bathroom is a critical consideration for the aesthetics of your remodelling project.

Shaped by a number of factors, before remodelling your bathroom and selecting the type of concrete tub you plan on installing consider the following;

  • What are your budget constraints
  • How much space do you have to work
  • Are there any layout and plumbing restrictions
  • What is your desired theme

Recent bathroom renovations have seen an increase in the installation of concrete bathtubs creating for unique aesthetics and gorgeous finishes. With a number of design ideas available, installing a concrete bathtub is growing in popularity with current, modern and traditional bathroom installations.

For a customised, natural and unique look for your bathroom, concrete tubs add character, colour and excellent durability to your remodelling project. Where factory-made fibreglass bathtubs fail to create an exclusive feel, concrete tubs are available in distinctive designs, colour stains, textures, shapes and sizes.

Concrete bath tubs offer versatility, durability and unique design features to every bathroom remodelling project and are available in almost any shape, size, and finish. Concrete bathtubs are also available as free standing tubs or built-in options allowing for any theme to take shape to your bathroom design idea. To follow find various design ideas for concrete bathtub installations:

Option 1: Shape and Size

Often forming a focal point to various bathroom designs, concrete bathtubs can be custom designed to create the perfect look to match your bathroom theme. Modern, classic, curved or cornered, concrete tubs are available in various shapes and sizes catering to just about any look you’re hoping to achieve. Common shapes include;

  • Egg or oval
  • Round or kidney shaped
  • Tear drop design
  • Box, square or rectangular
  • Contoured base to fit the shape your body

Option 2: Stain and Colour

Any concrete installation is available in a variety of colour finishes. From rich, deep and bold colour schemes to mottled and marbled staining, concrete colouring contributes to the finished and appearance of texture that your tub installation will create. From cooler colour schemes such as greys, charcoal, blue or back to warmer colour palettes such as beige, cream, nudes and rich browns, including a colour stain to your concrete bathtub creates a look of elegance to the installation, adds character to the theme and a temperature by the tone selected.

Option 3: Dream Theme

Depending on the look you wish to accomplish in your bathroom, concrete bathtubs can make a significant contribution to the theme of the room. Adding character to the finish, the tub can set the tone of your bathroom by coupling it to the overall design of the room. We love the following themes that can be created by selecting the appropriate concrete tub;

  • Create a Korean Bathhouse with a deep-set Asian soaking tub, a deep warm colour palette and low lighting.
  • Install a natural look with an oval or egg shape tub set amidst a forest of indoor plants, light colours and undertones of beige and green.
  • Style a Turkish bath with marbled finishes and a mosaic motif.
  • Model a modern day classic look with sharp lines and corners, cooler colours and minimalist décor.

Regardless of the design and finish you select when remodelling your bathroom, when professionally installed, stained and sealed, concrete tubs also offer irreplaceable durability, ease of maintenance and finishes that don’t fade, scratch or chip, built to last a lifetime.