Sephaku Cement shows you how crafting with concrete to create your own miniature concrete water fountain is not as difficult a task as one would think. Concrete crafting can seem complicated, messy and requiring experience and expertise. On the contrary, there are many simple and easy to follow instructions when creating concrete art forms or ornamental water features that require little to no previous know-how.

In fact if you are able to follow simple cooking recipes or basic DIY assembly instructions we don’t see any reason not to try out this Sephaku Cement indoor or outdoor DIY water feature project.

Indoor water features are a popular aesthetic addition to indoor atriums or as an outdoor water feature on your patio. Whether used to fill dead space outdoors, on countertops or even in the bathroom, together with the soothing lap of running water, this DIY concrete water fountain is one of our most simple cement craft Ideas.

You will need:

  • 1 Bag of Sephaku 32 or 42 N Cement
  • Water to mix
  • An Arts and Crafts paintbrush
  • 15mm Polystyrene sheeting
  • An upcycled or single use bowl or basin (to form the base)
  • Fabric gauze or bandages
  • A water spray bottle
  • A mini submersible pond or fountain pump (300 L/hour should do)
  • 20mm Or 25mm PVC conduit (Depending on the size of the pump’s outlet)
  • 20mm Or 25mm waterhouse PVC tubing
  • Pebbles

Steps on How to make you DIY Cement Water Fountain

  • Step One:
    Measure and cut tiered layers out of the polystyrene sheeting. These tiers will create the concrete water feature’s stepped gradient along which the water will flow down and into the basin below. The 1st layer at the base should measure to fit the base of the basin and should preferably have a ledge or lip to sit on. You can create as many “steps” as you wish, keeping in mind the taller the number of steps the stronger the water flow pump will need to be to tackle the gradient. Using a glue gun secure each layer together to create a tiered gradient. Once secured together using the PVC conduit, pierce and press a cylinder-shaped tube through that apex of the tiers, running from the very top through to the base. This is essentially where the water feature will spout from the top tier and trickle down the steps.
  • Step Two:
    Prepare the base basin by fitting a “block” or ledge for the fountain steps to sit on. You can do this by securing a wooden block or single use container turned upside down to create a “stool”. Mix your measured cement and water ratios together creating a semi fluid mix that can be painted onto layers of gauze, coating the basing to create cement “plated” bowl. Think of this process similar to that of concrete papier-mâché where the cement fills the role of the flour and water and the fabric gauze, the newspaper. Layering coated cement gauze in and around the base basin, by lining the surface with cement, you are effectively retexturing the base of the bowl to create a more rustic and authentic “stone” bowl cast.
  • Step Three:
    Much the same as you have resurfaced the base basin as detailed in step two, now you will do the same for the tiered step that will create the gradient flow of your concrete water feature. Secured using layers of gauze, paint on the semi fluid cement mix smoothing out the surface of the polystyrene mould to create a natural looking “stone” formation. Remember to adequately coat the entire surface taking into account the underneath of the polystyrene staircase.
  • Step Four:
    Once the basin and the tiered steps are generously layered in cement and gauze, spray both parts with water using the spray bottle allowing to dry in-between each interval, by doing so, this encourages the cement to cure with added strength that will result in a durable DIY craft. Once having cured for at least 24 hours now you can piece together your concrete water fountain to complete your project.
  • Step Five:
    Run the Waterhouse PVC Tubing through the pierced cylinder you created in the tiered layers of your cement fountain in step two. Connect the tubing to the mini submersible pond or fountain pump and place the tiered fountain “staircase” together with the pump onto the ledge or stool of the base basin. Fill the basin with pebbles adding to the aesthetics and lastly fill with water. Turn the pump on and behold as water cascades down your DIY cement craft water feature.