The new year rolls out its red carpet to an exciting new line-up of decor trends, interior design features and some super easy Do It Yourself concrete decor ideas. Designed to last a lifetime, concrete based DIY décor projects are not only affordable to attempt and extremely fulfilling to complete, concrete and cement based crafts add an effortless, minimalist and modern charm to every interior. 

What’s more, with many New Year resolutions dedicating time to starting a new hobby, DIY Concrete Décor not only sees the addition of one of a kind focal features to add to your home, but is a terrific way to alleviate stress, focus your thoughts on what your hands are busy with and get lost in a world of concrete creativity!

As a starting point, the ideal concrete craft mix sees a basic blend of sand, water and cement made up of 2 parts sand to 1 part cement and 1 part (or typically a little less) water commonly called – mortar mix as there is no stone in the mixture. Begin by blending the dry ingredients (cement and sand) together prior to adding the water. When adding the water do so slowly, adding a little at a time mixing well between additions. When adding the water slowly, continuously check the consistency of the mix, making sure not to add too much water too soon. The ideal consistency to work with when creating concrete crafts would be similar to thick yoghurt or soft peak egg whites. Once blended you can begin creating various concrete decor designs.

To get your creative concrete juices flowing, to follow see Sephaku Cements favourite DIY concrete décor ideas; affordable, easy to execute, and on trend with 2019 concrete décor.

  • Tripod Planter Stand
    In a modern blend of nature and industrial design, making use of a single use plastic container and a 20mm hardwood dowel stick cut into three to create a tripod, pour your basic mortar mix into the single use plastic mould or bucket, agitating the mixture to remove as many air bubbles as possible. Just before the seat of the concrete stool has set, press the three legs of the tripod in the desired position which can later be reinforced with glue should the dowel legs not remain securely in place. Once cured remove the mould and using fine sandpaper smooth out any rough areas of the planter stand or cement seat of the planter stand. Later you can paint the legs or even the cement seat if desired to align with colour schemes or liven up the concrete. 
  • Concrete Checkers Board
    Not only a fun game to play, but when applied with precision, this concrete craft project can create an elegant coffee table piece. Using a square plastic sheet pour your cement/mortar mix to form the base of a cement checkers board, once again agitating the mortar to ensure all air bubbles are removed. To note, just before the board has fully cured using a ruler, mark the checkers grid (eight by eight) where the playing pieces will be moved.Using “X” and “O” silicone or plastic ice trays (you will need to make 12 pieces of each shape), grease the moulds with “spray ‘n cook” or sunflower oil which will help the set mortar pieces to be removed from the moulds once cured. Once lined with oil pour your blended mortar craft mix into the prepared trays and allow setting and hardening. Once both the board and the pieces are cured, paint the board and the applicable pieces in alternating colours to create the contrasting grid and player one and player two pieces.
  • Restore Damaged Table Tops
    From unsightly water marks to scratches, grazes and dents or cracks, revive a tired and damaged wooden table top with a concrete coating. Simply apply your craft mortar mix (you may want to add a little more water to make the mix “paintable”) and using a sponge roller apply the cement “paint” coat by coat allowing each layer to cure in-between applications. Not only will this mask age marks and damage to wooden furniture but add a modern concrete-chic appearance to outdated pieces of furniture.