No longer limited to cold, drab and “for function” only applications, Sephaku Cement inspires bespoke concrete furniture ideas using cement, water some aggregates and a little bit of creativity! Gone are the days that concrete was a material only considered functional for construction. With some of the industry’s most celebrated Interior décor specialists, together with award winning designers and architects, cement/concrete installations are being incorporated into design schemes and décor dream boards of the world’s most affluent homes.

From mid-century modern, to urban industrial, a perfect blend of Scandinavian fittings and décor to match, or even naturalistic, Japanese zen, farmhouse or Bohemian, cement/concrete has played its role in the décor and design of some of the most avant-garde feature furniture made.

Whether you are looking at renewing existing pieces of furniture in your home, or trying your hand at DIY concrete creations made from scratch, see some of Sephaku Cement’s favourite concrete furniture design ideas to follow. 

  • Polished Concrete Coffee Tables
    Made to resemble a marbled finish, polished concrete is the perfect material for small scale table tops, night stands and if you’re really committed to the art of craft, even concrete TV cabinets and stands. When prepared with precision, care and patience, concrete can be used in some of the most gorgeous movable table tops, reinforced with load bearing capabilities and created at home at a fraction of the cost of concrete furniture purchased in store.
  • Concrete Bar Tables and Trolleys
    Secured on steel slits or on roll-able wheels, bar stands and trollies add a “Great Gatsby” feel to interior decor inspired furniture. Made to stand crystal decanters, craft gins, collectable whiskies and wines, needing only to craft the top piece from concrete, using a curved or sharp edged mould, create a concrete surface to top-off an ordinary steel or roll-able trolley in a few simple steps. 
  • Concrete Garden Bench
    Sold in store with a hefty price tag, as well as expensive and strenuous to transport given its weight, crafting a modern DIY industrial styled or Japanese zen concrete garden bench will save on both cost and chiropractic expenses. Where constructing a casting mould is about as strenuous as this DIY concrete furniture project will get, simply design your garden bench casting mould from a melamine wooden frame to create a smooth and polished concrete look to finish your landscaped grounds. 
  • Floating Shelves made from Concrete
    Marbled, elegant and adding a seamless finish to concrete plastered walls, making floating shelves from concrete means you can mould these to the exact size, shape and dimension you desire. Creating a stepped ascent or symmetrical placement or mixing things up in a completely irregular layout, floating shelves are an effective storage and display space option in smaller rooms of the house.

Common across the full product range, Sephaku Cement guarantees only the purest grade original Portland cement, and where applicable, blended with the finest quality extenders designated to enhance performance and curing characteristics of all of our products across various applications. Whether creating conrete furniture to add to your interior décor or to complete your outdoor entertainment design projects, Sephaku Cement offers a range of products suited to your everyday DIY needs.