The second insert to our two part journey in uncovering a world of contemporary and classic concrete furniture, Sephaku Cement continues to reveal endless opportunities for DIY concrete furnishing and home fittings.

Having previously mused over polished concrete coffee tables, DIY bar tables and trolleys, contemporary garden benches and floating shelves, part two of Sephaku Cement’s “DIY: Concrete Furniture Ideas” sees even more inspiration motivation for home décor and furniture ideas.

  • Etched or Polished Concrete Patio Tables
    Using similarly shaped or identical moulds completely change the look of outdoor patio tables by etching embellishments into semi cured concrete or polishing cured concrete furniture. As a starting point, when etching decals into semi cured concrete tables, using a few simple sculpture etching tools, follow your desired pattern template guiding your hand strokes and layout to ensure the end result resembles the look you were hoping to achieve. For polished patio tables, using fine grit polishing disks, buff the cured concrete (a process referred to as “Lapping”) until the desired sheen is achieved.
  • Concrete-Wood Fused Side Tables
    Casting the surface or “Table top” of your concrete side table is a synch. Using any size and shape concrete casting mould, simply mix and pour standard craft concrete mix, adding in a pigment for a more unique look. While the table top cures, source sturdy twigs and branches preferably selected from the same off-cuts. Peel away bark, sand to smooth out their surface and if desired varnish for a polished sheen. Just before the concrete table top cures to completion, press the twigs and sticks into the concrete in a closely, asymmetrical layout to almost form a “forest” of branches which will act as the “legs” of the table. Be sure these are cut to the same length to create a stable table stand.
  • Concrete Block Bench
    So simple to pull off it should be a concrete crafters crime! Using a rectangular casting mould preferably with a slighting smaller inner (a solid block will be extremely heavy to move into place), cast a concrete block bench and allow to cure for 3 to 4 days. Once moved into its desired position, finish the block off by fitting wooden slats to create a decked seat on top of the concrete block. If you’re feeling especially crafty you could even assemble a matching back rest using the same wooden slats used to form the seat.
  • Simple Concrete Fire Pit
    Another concrete no-brainer, provided you have a suitable mould to cast the desired design, a DIY concrete fire pit adds an elegant ambience to any outdoor entertainment area. Whether using a bowl like mould, a large cube or hollowed out rectangular shape, a concrete fire pit offers a low maintenance, effective means to keeping warm or adding a bit of “fire” to night-time entertainment.

Offering endless opportunities to add contemporary or classic concrete furnishing to your home, Sephaku Cement has been scientifically formulated to deliver controlled performance and consistent quality. Suited to specific applications and sealed with the Sephaku stamp of quality assurance, find the perfect Sephaku Cement product for your concrete furniture creations!