With a few weeks until the start of the next summer season we explore concrete patio ideas to beautify your backyard and outdoor entertainment spaces.

Versatile, consistent and cost effective, Sephaku 32 cement is a general purpose, normal strength blended cement perfect for home and DIY projects such as concrete patios and outdoor entertainment paving, offering lasting durability and fit for purpose quality. An alternative, but higher strength, option but equally well suited to outdoor patios and concrete pavers, Sephaku 42 cement can be put to use across a wide range of home improvement projects and general purpose applications both indoors and outdoors delivering controlled performance and consistent high quality.

Whether you are considering placing concrete pavers or casting / pouring a continuous concrete slab or strip, home improvement enthusiasts have the freedom of creativity with unlimited designs and styles or finishes to choose from when using Sephaku Cement as their building material product of choice. Alongside the variety of decorative patio options available, concrete applications also check all the boxes when taking into account affordability, durability and as a low maintenance outdoor solution. From a modern exterior styling to a more traditional, country styled theme, let’s explore various DIY concrete patio styles to choose from as you plan to remodel your next outdoor entertainment project with the help of Sephaku Cement.

  • Contemporary and Modern DesignsTogether with oversized geometric designs, striking lines and raw materials that echo an industrial theme, cement based applications ooze modern contemporary outdoor entertainment themes given its smooth finish and cool shades of grey when left untreated. To add to the up-to-date character of your outdoor patio design, concrete can be applied in slabs, or poured as an unbroken installation or even stained with a moody marble pigment complementing the arty drama that concrete effortlessly creates.
  • Old World OvergrownStamped stained and distressed with stone finishes, cracked and blemished surfaces tell a time worn story perfectly created by the endless versatility delivered when using Sephaku Cement. Once the old world concrete theme has been poured and cured to perfection, overgrow selected areas with lush shrubbery, creepers and ferns to create a Jurassic undertone or possibly an ancient Mediterranean style.
  • Desert Ranch RusticPlanted with succulent varieties both large and small, complement desert ranch outdoor concrete applications with earthy tones sandy pigments, rustic textures and stone masonry stamps and etching. Complete with a concrete fire pit and accessorised with wagon wheel wall suspensions, barrel benches and a country western charm, pull off a rustic ranch theme ideally suited to South Africa’s blistering summers and factoring for water conscious garden landscaping.
  • Copacabana TropicalBlended to create the perfect seaside escape, coloured to echo beige sandy beaches, wave washed rounded boulders or even charcoal stained volcanic splash pools; complement a tropical outdoor patio theme with towering palm trees, colourful hibiscus and magnolias to complete the look. Cement, with other building materials, is one of the only materials that can seamlessly transform from something that starts out as cold and grey into one of the warmest and most welcoming patio installations ideal for sunny summer days and outdoor entertaining.