Delving even deeper into the infinite world of DIY concrete creations, Sephaku Cement explores contemporary cement based crafts with an exceptional line up of new design ideas that will blow you away! By now we know to blend the ideal concrete craft mix we make use of Sephaku 32 or 42 along with good quality fine sand aggregate, desired pigment powder for effect and mix with the precise water to cement ratios. Always adding wet to dry, blend your cement and aggregate, mix well and when producing craft concrete / mortar on a small scale, agitate air bubbles and pockets out of the wet concrete/mortar by gently tapping the side or rim of the receptacle. Take care not to bang it out too much otherwise you may cause liquefication or force the heavier aggregate particles to sink to the base of the mix resulting in a weak and crumbly cured item/mould. 

  • Crumpled Concrete Cups
    Using a large disposable plastic cup crumple up the base, kinking and denting the outside circumference. Using Vaseline or a spray on lubricant like spray and cook, line the inside of the crumpled cup which will later help to remove the mould from the cast. Pour pre-mixed wet concrete/mortar mix as detailed above into the crushed cup. Using a slightly smaller disposable cup, (being sure to lubricate the outside of this cup also to assist with removal later) gently press the smaller cup into the centre of the crumped outer mould. Wipe away dispersed concrete/mortar mix that may ooze out of the top of the mould and secure both cups in place using masking tape. Once adequately cured, gently remove the inner cup and then the outer crumped cup. Smooth edges and the lip of your cast with fine granular sandpaper and behold a contemporary concrete crumpled cup creation!
  • Handheld Jewellery Organizer or Ornament
    Begin by creating a mould of your hand in any form or pose you choose. Keep in mind if you are using this stand as a jewellery holder a better option would be to keep your hand open or cupped. Alternatively for a contemporary ornamental cast you can opt for a bolder, strong or statement poses. Blend together 6 Cups of rubber moulding mix with equal parts of water making sure there are no lumps or clumps in the mix. Cast your desired hand pose in the rubber mould mix and allow setting for five minutes. Carefully remove your hand to reveal a perfect casing mould. Blend together your concrete craft mix and pour this into the casting mould being sure to fill each chamber of the mould. After allowing curing for up to 24 hours, remove the concrete cast encased in the rubber mould and carefully cut and peel away the rubber. Smooth rough edges and snags with fine grained sandpaper and give yourself a hand for creating a gorgeous handheld jewellery organiser!
  • Slender Stem Concrete Vase
    Using a smooth edged container (think tall and thin), fill with concrete craft mix about ¾ ways to the top. Roll a standard pillar size candle in plastic wrap and lubricate using Vaseline of aerosol spray-on oil. Slide the lined candle into the mouth of the bottle being careful not to press it too deep into the base of the mould. Allow curing for 24 hours and once satisfactorily set remove the wrapped candle. Using a cutting blade cut away the moulding bottle to reveal a tall and slender hollowed out cast. Smooth out the mouth and any rough snags with fine grained sandpaper and dip the base in pretty pastel paint or gold leaf decals to reveal a stunning slender stem concrete vase perfect for 1 stem flower clippings.