Revive a drab and tired looking pool and entertainment area with a coloured concrete pool deck. Making a big splash when it comes to decorative outdoor decals, enhancing pool decks, patios and entertainment areas by applying coloured concrete enhancements offers some of the most gorgeous finishes to perfect the look of your outdoor pool and entertainment area.

Coupled with concrete stamping, decorative concrete engraving and other ornamental trimmings, coloured concrete adds a sophisticated, durable and polished appearance to a seemingly plain and wearisome exterior.

Available in a variety of versatile shades hues and tones, coloured concrete pool decks can create a one of a kind look perfectly paired to enhance the appearance of your pool area and home. Because of the various methods used to colour concrete, each colouring technique results in a unique, multi-tonal finish and coloured effect.

Colour staining concrete methods include:

  • Chemical staining by making use of water-based or solvent-based staining products
  • Dry-shake hardeners hand spread onto freshly placed concrete resulting in more intense hues
  • Integral pigments that are combined with the concrete mix before being placed
  • A combination of all of the above colouring methods may also be used resulting in a one of a kind colour effect

While concrete may be custom coloured to match a specific tone of paint, paired to enhance exterior landscaping or to compliment other aesthetic highlights of your entertainment area, to follow find some of the more popular concrete colour options used in and around pool decks.

  • Sandy White and Light Beige Variants
    HWith the intent to reflect the sandy white beaches of a tropical paradise or that of the trademarked Greek Cycladic islands, white, when combined with the cool blue of crisp clear water creates and inviting allure to any concrete pool deck. Lighter pool decks also reflect the heat from the sun, keeping surfaces cool to the touch and comfortable to walk on.
  • Earth-toned Tans and Terracotta
    Much darker than white and sandy hues, earth tones, tans, browns and terracotta create a striking effect to any outdoor entertainment area. Depending on how these colours are styled against other exterior décor, decorative concrete and landscaping, effects may mirror a Moroccan courtyard, a rustic Tuscan terracotta patio or an earthy African themed pool.
  • Modern Greys and Granite
    Dark sultry, dramatic and modern, concrete colour effects that create slate-like, granite or weathered flagstone effects can modernise dated exteriors adding drama and richness to typical pool deck décor. Using charcoals, blue and light grey tones are a popular choice amongst more modern decorative concrete pools and entertainment areas. Paired with Asian inspired décor, darker coloured concrete can create some of the most tranquil spaces in and around your home.