With early detection and effective repairs made to damaged and distressed foundations is one of the surest ways to prevent lasting and hazardous structural damage to your home/building. Often when left too late damaged foundations negatively impact the structural integrity of buildings that are too far gone to be repaired. Requiring a comprehensive rebuild from the ground up, leaving damage foundations to literally tear through any structure is not only costly but dangerous for occupants too.

Identifying damaged foundations can be done by a simple inspection of the foundations or by looking for tell-tale signs of damage to structures that may indicate distressed foundations. Structural engineers as well as a foundation repair expert will also be able to assess your property and note any concerns that should be addressed to prevent structural damage before it’s too late.

Once it has been identified that a structures foundation is in need of repair there are a few methods in which structural engineers and foundation repair specialists will approach the restoration of damaged foundations.

The most effective way to repair distressed and damaged concrete foundations is by blending the best in technologies and industry experience to apply effective solutions to damage foundation.

Today there are more effective and technologically advanced approaches to repairing foundations and where many contractors offer a lifetime guarantee on their repairs (subject to service provider).

Once having established the cause of foundation damage your structural engineer will be better advised to recommend an appropriate repair process typically being one of two methods, namely piering or slabjacking.


Just as the name suggests, slabjacking sees concrete grout used to lift a concrete slab or beam up towards a warped or shifted foundation taking on its original position. Typically used to repair sunken driveways and pavements, outdoor entertainment areas and patios, a simplified slabjacking technique can also be used by pouring concrete grout down boreholes, filling the gaps of compromised foundations with grout which then cures around the original foundation, reinforcing it from the bottom up.


Typically used to repair more extensive and significant damage to foundations, the piering method makes use of steel posts to stabilise or raise concrete foundations damaged by compromised subgrade and soil types. This method is effectively used in homes or commercial buildings and requires the opening of the damaged foundation by digging under and around it then a steel beam or posts are placed and with the help of a mechanical jack that is used to lift and secure the damaged foundation into place. Then an amount of concrete is placed around and under the damaged foundation. And left to set and gain strength.