Adding to the aesthetics of various indoor and outdoor installations, stamped and stencilled decorative concrete applications continue to feature as a design highlight of choice by interiors decor specialists, architects, home improvement contractors and home owners. Whether adding character to driveways, patios and paving, creating a timeless focal point in entrance halls and on feature walls or adding a delicate touch to concrete countertops, basins and bath tubs, stamped and stencilled concrete designs complete an elegant look to any home improvement project.

Imitating stone, cobbles, pavers, tiles, brickwork and even sleeper wood, concrete stamping and stencilling techniques are available in a broad range of designs, textures, finishes and effects.  What’s more, when adding these highlights to concrete installations, this can be done at an affordable cost making this decorative concrete option accessible to home improvements both large and small.

Selecting a technique best suited to your project will depend on the design and finish you are hoping to achieve as well as if your home improvement project involves the placement of “fresh” cement or rather with the intention to beautify pre-existing concrete installations as well as the skills of an available, reputable contractor.    

Concrete Stamping

Concrete stamping is applied to newly placed concrete before it has had time to final set and cure. Where colour hardeners and release agents are added to the concrete before the stamping process begins, by adding a dye to the concrete prior to stamping creates an authentic appearance where the finish resembles realistic brickwork, cobbles and stonework. While stamping techniques create intricate outcomes and where contractors will be required to work swiftly in order to create the desired results, the practice of concrete stamping is easy to install and far less labour intensive than other decorative concrete techniques. Making use of large polyurethane forms that act as the stamp, these are pressed onto the pliable concrete to create the desired image or pattern.

Spoilt for choice by way of design, stamped concrete surfaces can be matched to suit both outdoor and indoor decor mimicking almost any surface imaginable but care should be taken not to install stamped concrete on load bearing surfaces. Vulnerable to cracking and wear and tear, stamped concrete may weather faster when installed in areas that are exposed to frequent and high pressure high wear foot traffic.

Concrete Stencilling

Offering a decorative option to concrete flooring that has already been placed, concrete stencilling caters to a Do It Yousef route to adorning drab concrete installations in delicate detail.  From floors to walls countertops and various concrete surfaces, concrete stencilling techniques create elegantly etched designs that add accents and emphasis to both indoor and outdoor installations. An inexpensive rout to decorative concrete upgrades, stencils can create a variety of looks from basic brick, to tiles and stone or more elaborate patterns, contemporary designs, lettering and imagery.