Believed by some to conjure healing, tranquillity and transcendence, unwind to the sounds of your new concrete water feature with the help of Sephaku Cement. Some say it’s because our bodies are comprised of 70% water and having evolved from water dwelling creatures, where a select few say it’s because the sound mimics the womb, and where Feng Shui fundamentalists say that water symbolises wealth and prosperity, others simply attribute the appeal of running water to the sensory satisfaction achieved through white noise. Regardless from where it may stem, it’s hard to find any individual that is not drawn to a body of water and further soothed by the monotonous sound of its babbling trickle.

Further to the calming characteristics of a newly installed water feature in your home or place of work, concrete fountains, pre-cast water features, or cascading bubbles spouting over concrete cobbles create an aesthetic allure to outdoor landscaping or interior design.

To follow find some of Sephaku Cement’s favourite concrete water feature inspirations that can be installed as an easy DIY home Improvement project or with the help of a garden landscaper to expertly position, install and maintain your new “pool of calm”. 

  • Go Geyser Gold
    For young families with little children or clumsy pets that may be at risk of falling into a pool styled fountain, a concrete pit filled with smooth pebbles (a great disguise to hide the water pump) and a geyser type fountain offers a safe and affordable option for the water feature novice. Either sink your concrete pit to lie flush with the ground to form a naturally styled geyser appeal, or for a more modern contemporary charm, have your pit sit above the surface to form a “bowl” of babbling pebbled tranquillity.
  • Oriental De-Stress
    Begin by digging a trench to fit your pond and be sure to line the edges with landscape fabric or weed guard. Sink  your cement basin of any size or dimension (accounting for enough depth to conceal the water pump) and using smooth pebbles of various sizes and desired colours, encrust the circumference of the pond by stacking the smooth stones and pebbles around a bamboo water feature that tips and taps as it fills and empties of water. For an even more authentic finish, surround the feature with delicate bonsai bowls and depending on the size (and more specifically the depth of basin) pull out all the stops and fill your water feature with a few Koi Fish.
  • Tiers of Joy
    Available as a pre-cast concrete water feature or alternatively you could create the same effect with 3 posts varying in size, stack the concrete posts from largest to smallest to form a tiered tower. Using a circulating water pump to create the water flow, stand the pots at varied levels (shortest and biggest to tallest and smallest) standing one inside the other and creating height by making use of discarded planter bricks. With the pump in place, fill the pots with decorative stones and pebbles to support the pots above while adding to the look of the water feature.

Whether using Sephaku Cement to create the ideal water feature foundations or to form one-of a kind ponds, hollows and bowls, common across the full product range, Sephaku Cement guarantees only the most pure grade original Portland cement blended with the finest quality extenders designated to enhance performance and curing characteristics. Sealed with the Sephaku stamp of quality assurance and fit for purpose compliance, each bag of Sephaku Cement adheres to industry leading standards certification, scientifically formulated to deliver controlled performance and consistent quality.