While maths might not be your forte, calculating your cement requirements using reliable cement calculator is a critical consideration for contractors, DIY enthusiasts and home improvement specialists. Too much cement and building budgets become inaccessible where too little supply can compromise a project if you run short in the middle of pouring the concrete installation.

Passionate about our brand and products, our reputation relies on the advocacy of satisfied customers, returning contractors and allegiant clients. As a result and to assist in ensuring the right amount of cement is accounted for in various construction projects, Sephaku Cement has created a convenient  concrete mix calculator to account for the exact amounts  of Portland Cement required to complete your building project. Categorised into various construction projects, the Sephaku Cement building material calculator helps you to compute accurate quantities required for the construction of;

  • Pole Mix
  • Plaster
  • House Foundations
  • Footpaths, House Floors and Domestic Driveways
  • Mortar
  • Reinforced Slabs
  • Heavy Duty Flooring (factorises warehousing and showrooms)
  • Screeds

Calculate how much cement you will need to complete your project using the Sephaku Cement Calculator here.

Not only is it critical to accurately account for the correct amount of Portland Cement required for your home improvement or construction project but equally important is understanding the difference in various cement products. To follow Sephaku Cement unpacks their products range further assisting in ensuring the most success from your build.

Producing a range of products to cater to the various needs of our customers, Sephaku Cement prides itself in offering a versatile choice of superior quality cements suitable for various uses including: 

  • General purpose applications, all round performance and strength for general civil, building and concrete applications
  • Extreme performance products
  • Products with high strength specifications

Sephaku 32 – 32.5N Strength Class Portland Cement

Suitable for general purpose applications and construction projects, Sephaku 32.5N is fully compliant to the South African National Standard (SANS 50197-1:2013). Where the N denotes “Normal Strength Gain” the Sephaku 32,5N cement product ensures professional quality requiring less water to produce a cohesive mix and long term durability.

Available in 50 kg bags or in bulk throughout South Africa, Sephaku 32 is ideally used in concrete, mortars, plasters and screeds making it perfectly suited to ‘home’ concrete projects, versatile in a variety of building and civil construction applications. 

Sephaku 42 – 42.5N Strength Class Portland Cement

Where structural concrete applications become a little more specialised, while Sephaku 42 is equally suitable for general purpose applications, as a 42 strength class cement, Sephaku 42 provides good early and late strength combined with quality and consistency to ensure superior all-round performance. Ideally used for a wide range of concrete, mortar and screed applications, due to an addition of cement extenders, concrete produced using Sephaku 42 may require less water to achieve a specified slump or workability when compared to concretes produced with other 42,5 cements.

Sephaku 42,5R

An extreme performance product, the Sephaku 42,5R Portland-fly ash cement is suitable for a wide range of general civil, building and concrete industry applications. A type of CEM II/A (V) 42,5R early strength cement, it fully conforms to the requirements of strength class 42,5R in accordance with SANS 50197-1:2013.

Where the “R” indicates a faster demoulding or striking/ stripping of formwork, Portland-fly ash cement concretes are designed for the same strength as Portland cement concrete and  will continue to gain strength for a very long period provided some moisture is available and adequate curing is given to the concrete at early age.

As a multi-purpose product, Sephaku 42,5R is suited to a wide range of concrete, mortar and screed applications including precast concrete products, ready-mixed concrete, building and civil engineering. It can also be used in conjunction with mineral additives, chemical admixtures and with pigments. It is also recommended for use in concrete where moderately low heat and where enhanced durability is made possible by the use of a certified siliceous fly ash.

Sephaku 52,5N

A professional high strength product, the 52,5 strength class Portland cement is best suited to very specific civil engineering and structural concrete applications that include;

  • High-strength concrete, pre-casting and ready-mix
  • Water-tight, structural and pre-stressed concretes
  • Day-one strength and cold-weather concreting
  • Fast track construction projects to allow early form work stripping/striking
  • Precision grouts, repairs and formulated cement products

A high-performance cement, Sephaku 52 is ideally used with cement extenders such as fly ash, GGBS (Blast Furnace Slag) and Silica Fume to enhance the properties and standard uses of concretes.

Achieved through the operation of high-tech plants and the efficient production of top quality products available at affordable prices,  Sephaku Cement not only promises superior cement products but also supreme customer service and after sales support.