Durable, versatile and one of the most affordable building materials in the construction industry, Sephaku Cement shares Concrete Design Ideas on a Budget..

Said to be the most commonly used materials in an array of construction projects, concrete features twice as many times as the various other materials used inclulding, aluminum, wood, plastic, and steel.

Characterised by its strength and durability, its versatility, low maintenance and affordability to name but a few, concrete is one of the most accessible materials to make use of when working on a more rigid budget. Offering the ultimate in decorative versatility, concrete can be put to use in a number of ornamental and aesthetical enhancing features in your home or workplace. Given its affordability, with low material and labour costs, not to mention low maintenance and upkeep requirements, concrete is one of the most economical options to make use of in any structure, treatment or decorative decal added to your building project.

To follow, wet your décor appetite with Sephaku Cement’s Concrete Design Ideas on a Budget.

  • Design Idea #1: Decorative Concrete Countertops
    Hardwearing, aesthetically pleasing, modern and functional, concrete countertops are available in a variety of pre-cast or built-in designs. Apply various textures, colours and finishes to the installation and create a one-of-a-kind look to your kitchen, bathroom and indoor or outdoor entertainment area.
  • Design Idea #2: Precast or Built to Fit Concrete Fireplace Installations
    Both through function and design, precast or built to fit concrete fireplace installations create one of the most elegant finishes to any lounge, dining room or even bedroom. Available in classic or modern designs, featuring sharp lines or curved edges and mantelpieces, whether a one-of-a-kind design or catalogue selected, a concrete fireplace creates a striking centrepiece to any room.
  • Design Idea #3: Polished Concrete Flooring
    Reflecting the same elegance and drama created by marble and granite options, polished concrete floors are a low maintenance, high quality and durable flooring option that maintains its decorative characteristics for an inordinate length of time. Exposing the natural beauty of the various layers of the concrete slab, depending on the desired look, through grinding and polishing, the layers of the concrete floor are “revealed” resulting in a marbled, salt and pepper or exposed aggregate appeal.
  • Design Idea #4: Stencil or Engraved Concrete Driveways and Paving
    With endless design options and decorative decals available, concrete engraving offers an affordable and easy to apply decorative enhancement to dated and dull concrete installations. Creating a permanent finish to unmarked concrete driveways, patio’s, garden paths and entrance courtyards, engraved concrete is created using etching equipment and tools. or even sandblasting can give an interesting texture to a floor, to carefully carve details into set concrete.
  • Design Idea #5: Water-based Staining
    An economical alternative to the other, more labour intensive solvent based staining; enhancing the aesthetics of decorative concrete installations using a water-based stain will not require any labor-intensive cleaning and stripping of solvent-based or previous acid staining. Transforming a dull slab of concrete in to an artistic expression of your desired finish, water based staining is also a more eco-friendly option to make use of.
    No matter what your budget or the extent of your decorative project, concrete designs options and features offer an affordable option to interior and exterior décor projects planned on a shoestring budget.