Pool side decking can be installed in a variety of materials, finishes and designs, although not all options offer quite as much versatility to those that can be achieved with concrete pool decks. From brick paving or wood and plastic composites, to tiles or cladding, none compare to decorative concrete pool decks when stacked up against cost, ease of installation and long term maintenance. Checking all of the boxes when it comes to beautifying your pool side appearance, concrete pool decking offers a safe and durable solution made to last a lifetime. Outside of its decorative appeal, concrete pool decking also offers one of the safer nonslip options compared to some of its counterparts. Coloured, textured, and poured to fit any pool shape imaginable, Sephaku Cement stacks up the pro’s to placing a concrete pool side that far outweigh any of the cons worth mentioning.

  • Safety FirstThe first thing that comes to mind when selecting the ideal option for your pool side paradise is safety. Taking into account that most surfaces become slippery when wet, a non-negotiable when installing poolside decking is to make sure that surfaces provide some degree of traction under the foot and especially when wet. With various methods to ensure that concrete pool decking remains slip resistant. Broomed or exposed aggregate finishes offer both a functional and aesthetic solution, while textured overlays or special nonslip grit additives to concrete sealants serve as an equally effective solution.
  • Strength and DurabilityTough, durable and professionally placed concrete patios and poolside decking can withstand the fiercest outdoor conditions. From extreme heat, to cold and wet weather, provided your concrete contractor has applied all the necessary measures to account for inevitable freeze-thaw effects, as well as applying an annual sealant to preserve decorative effects and other blemishing that can occur in outdoor areas. Concrete pool decking will serve its purpose almost perfectly for an inordinate number of years.Keeping is Cool by the PoolNot even nature has managed to get this quite as “cool” as concrete. Unlike tiled or brick (and beach sand) decking, concrete paving is extremely efficient in reflecting solar radiation, making the surface significantly cooler under your feet compared to other materials. Lighter in colour and even cooler to the touch when applied with decorative etching, concrete pavers and pool side decking options offer a much cooler solution to patios and pool paving.
  • Cost and VersatilityWhile other materials may seem to offer a more decorative appeal, these do come at a premium cost compared to concrete. Innately more affordable given its ease of installation (and less long term maintenance required), concrete pool side installations offer a cost effective paving solution without compromising on the desired decorative finish. From stamped patterns made to reflect the most elaborate designs, to one, of a kind etching, decals, colours, stains and polishes. Concrete deck design possibilities are endless at a much less expensive price point compared to alternate options. Outside of installation and design costs, it’s also worth mentioning the maintenance or lack thereof when it comes to caring long term for your concrete pool side decking. With a six monthly clean and an annual re-seal under extreme weather conditions, unlike brick and paving, concrete poolside decking won’t need to be releveled or replaced due to shifting or sinking and nor will you need to remove weed growth between joins and cracks.Provided your pool side concrete installation is fitted by an experienced contractor who takes into account the ideal methods employed to effectively placing concrete, your concrete pool side paradise will consistently make a splash year on year, all through sunny summer months!