Concrete walling technology has evolved to include both innovative techniques and stunning design options that have not always been available in the concrete walling industry. While concrete walling solutions have always been a popular option, today these enclosures offer even more versatility and flexibility than ever before. Having refined processes, technologies and decal techniques, concrete walls now offer much to be admired with decorative wall options.

What was once an uninteresting and monotonous walling solution, today features texture variants, decorative patterns and even colour stains far more resourceful to traditional precast walls.

Offering a popular alternative to other walling techniques, concrete walls are affordable, durable, easy to maintain and simple to install. Having evolved from more traditional fencing options such as wood, brick, vinyl and wrought iron, precast concrete fencing continues to grow in popularity as a result of their many benefits.

Offering a versatile walling solution, benefits and features of concrete walls include:

  • Little to no upkeep – minimal maintenance required
  • Concrete walls are both stable and durable
  • Unlike wood and other wall installations, these are not affected by insects, extreme weather and other climate conditions.
  • An economical walling solution – great value for money and affordability
  • Highly customisable by way of design, texture colour and finish
  • Erected with unique and customised engineering techniques accommodating for complex installation conditions

Given the technological improvements applied to production techniques, installation and design, precast concrete walls are available as an economical installation to any home or business. It has become increasingly difficult to discriminate between more traditional walling options to precast wall installations with a growing number of residences, office complexes, apartment buildings and many other locations making use of precast concrete walls as decorative fencing. Landscape architecture has become captivated by the use of decorative concrete wall installations given their aesthetics and versatility along with the already listed benefits attributed to making use of precast concrete walls. One of the main reasons why concrete walling options have begun to overtake traditional fencing materials is attributed to the various designs, textures and colour variants this pioneering walling solution now offers.

A few examples of designs and imprints now available as precast concrete wall options include:

  • Natural Stone
  • Split face brick
  • Large Brick
  • Small smooth brick
  • Louvered
  • Palisade
  • Stucco
  • River Rock

Considered a superior walling solution, there are a number of new and innovative ways that precast concrete walls can now be installed, these methods include:

Option 1: Embedding concrete or steel posts into caisson footings fitted to the height of the wall which then supports the stacked concrete panels.

Option 2: Using grouted cell connections placed over the caisson footings which, once the columns or posts are in place, grouting is later poured into the grooves securing the columns in place.

Option 3: Making use of posts that have been manufactured with mechanical fasteners. The fasteners on each column are attached to the caisson footings for reinforced stability and the stacked concrete panels are lowered into place.

Decorative concrete walls and fencing options offer homes, complex units and business parks advanced engineering that can be customised to suit any installation. With updated techniques and an evolved approach, precast concrete fencing creates various looks and finishes while satisfying the need to an affordable walling solution.