From large scale construction to small and medium sized building projects, Sephaku Cement shares free, open source construction cost calculators and project planning tools to make the building process simple. Estimating construction costs, calculating materials and project planning is a critical task for any contractor. Whether you are a large scale civil engineer, a SMME contractor or even planning a DIY home improvement project on your own, accurate calculations, estimating timelines and approximate materials required are what ultimately defines construction success.

To help with this process, Sephaku Cement shares their useful cement calculator together with construction estimating and project planning tools available free to construction specialists and DIY enthusiasts.

Sephaku Cement Calculator

Calculating accurate cement requirements using a reliable cement calculator should never be an oversight for any contractor, DIY enthusiasts or home improvement specialist. Accounting for a number of cost considerations that go into a successful construction project, the Sephaku Cement Calculator helps to equate the real cost of construction when building with cement. Calculating accurate volumes of cement required for any construction project together with aggregate and supplementary materials required, using the Sephaku Cement Calculator will ensure that costs are kept within budget and the purchase of wasteful excess materials are avoided. Not only is it important to accurately account for the correct volumes of materials required, but it is equally critical to understand different cement products and their uses. The Sephaku Cement Calculator will help you to do both and is freely available online to anyone visiting the Sephaku website.

With a variety of contractor specific task management tools and technology now available to make construction project planning and building estimation easy, calculate your team’s performance and overall project success to secure future annuity and construction project continuity to take your SMME to the next level!